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The curriculum at Hopewell is constantly under review and is tailored to meet the needs of our pupils. All of our pupils are unique and have many special reasons for requiring less traditional curriculum content and approaches.

Learning at Hopewell , in lessons and off site, is stimulating and purposeful.  We teach a full range of National Curriculum subjects at a level tailored to the individual pupil. Our teachers use a range of methods and resources to engage reluctant learners.

National Curriculum

At Hopewell School we follow the National Curriculum. This is taught to pupils at a level suitable to their ability and lessons are planned to enable them to develop and improve their skills and knowledge. All work is differentiated to meet the needs of each individual pupil.

The curriculum offered is flexible and is moderated to suit the needs of the current pupil cohort.  Courses offered are tailored to the individual needs; each young person leaves school with a selection of qualifications and skills that allow them to access further education and future careers.


Classes are kept small, with a maximum of seven  pupils in each. There is a teacher and a Learning Support Assistant for every class.  Extra support can be provided based on the individual needs of the pupils. Some of our pupils access a bespoke timetable and/or one to one support through our Specialist Intervention Programme (SIP). These programmes are designed specifically for some young people who for a range of reasons are unable to access education within a group setting. All SIP pupils are placed on the programme with agreement from their Local Education Authority. SIP is used as a short to mid -term intervention with the aim of integrating the young person into the main school as soon as it is possible.

Student Support Plans

Student Support Plans  set challenging objectives and targets to encourage pupils to give their best. These targets are set weekly through the Individual Tutorial Meetings and reviewed with tutors on a weekly basis. Targets and personal achievements are linked directly to the Praise Point Reward system.

Hopewell School prides itself on the achievement of its pupils. When they leave at the end of Year 11 pupils have all made great progress in terms of their social skills and have grown in confidence. They work hard to give themselves the best possible start for the world of college and work.  The attainment of each student is tracked so that effort and hard work can be celebrated.

Hopewell School

Our Curriculum


Every young person who arrives at Hopewell School has experienced difficulties, but whatever the reasons there is a fresh start in a supportive, nurturing, stimulating environment with high expectations of achievement.  We work hard to ensure our teaching and learning results in the best outcome for each pupil. We believe both academic and social learning through our personal development programme can help raise self-esteem and provide young people with the skills to achieve their goals.

Parents and carers are given regular updates about their child’s progress through half termly reports, annual reviews and parent/carer SSP target setting meetings.  They are able to and are encouraged to contribute to the education of their child and support their learning and progress- we communicate with home at least twice a week as a minimum.

Academic progress is closely monitored across all Key Stages.  This means that individual strategies can be put in place where difficulties in a subject are identified and exceptional achievement or progress can be celebrated as a school.

Class work across all Key Stages offers a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to engage students and aims to make education a positive experience. We work hard to be creative in our approach to meet the needs of each pupil.

Our aim is that pupils will be prepared, by Year 11, to work through their academic and vocational courses to achieve qualifications which will enable students to attend college courses, training and work when they move on from Hopewell.  We aim to support every Hopewell pupil into their chosen progression route.



At Key Stage 2 we follow the National Curriculum and pupils are taught mostly in their class groups by one teacher however some curriculum areas are taught by subject specialist teachers.  Learning becomes genuinely interesting and enjoyable for all our pupils.  

All pupils take part in PE lessons offsite including- athletics, football at Goals, trampolining and swimming at a local pool.


All classes are small, up to six pupils, with a teacher and a Learning Support Assistant for every class. Extra support can be provided if it is appropriate, this can be through the allocation of an assigned 1:1 support or through the SIP programme.

At Hopewell, we follow the National Curriculum guidelines and try to give each pupil a broad variety of content and interest. The Core Subjects are delivered by specialists to ensure a solid grounding in Key Skills needed for further study. In addition to this, our provision includes IT, Humanities, Sciences, Art, DT, MFL and PSHE and our Personal Development and Achievement Programme.

The progress of each student is tracked and monitored, allowing the school to implement individual strategies to stretch and challenge or to help and support. This could include a bespoke 1:1 literacy intervention or the offer of an offsite course/activity that will develop self-esteem and confidence.


Through Key Stage 2 and 3 all pupils have the opportunity to attend our PDAP curriculum. This is designed to develop key skills – Communication, Collaboration, Perseverance, Problem Solving, Resilience, Adaptability, Team Working and Respect. Pupils take part in off-site activities that are selected specifically to challenge pupils, enable them to experience new things and develop their confidence and self esteem as well as being able to develop the 8 key skills. Pupils evidence their developments through a PDAP portfolio and through the 50-50 LAB system. Activities undertaken are ski-ing, snowboarding, water sports and activities, abseiling and team building activities.


Pupils in Key Stage 4 take a wide range of nationally accredited examinations ranging from GCSE’s, Functional Skills, Entry Level as well as vocational qualifications.

All students are required to take

English, Maths, Science and IT

Other subjects offered are:

Art, Drama, Preparation for Working Life, PSHE, Business Studies, Design Technology  and PE.

Pupils based on the school site also have access to our vocational qualifications on offer at the motorvations@hopewell site.

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