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Pupil Premium Funding


The Government pays local authorities a pupil premium for every child who is assessed as disadvantaged.

Local authorities may choose to pass this on to Hopewell School in addition to standard fees. Where we receive a premium we have a duty to use it to help disadvantaged children at Hopewell School to boost their attainment.

You may be eligible for a pupil premium if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • If your family’s income makes your child eligible to receive free school meals.
  • If your child has been looked after continuously for more than six months.
  • If your child has a parent in the Armed Forces, or a parent who died in service.


During the academic year (2016/2017) we requested pupil premium money from the Virtual Head of the pupil’s Local Authority, for one pupil. The money has been spent in the following way:

Pupil Item/Project Impact
A Pay for Educational Psychologist to assess the pupil. 



Assessment pending. The intended impact will be to improve teaching staff information about supporting Student A’s needs and consequently improving his attainment.


Pupil Premium Funding
Academic Year 2017/18

Information as of September 2017

Number of pupils on roll 35
Current Number with PPG 19
LAC 2/19
Total Amount £21,650



Proposed Spending by Project: 2017-2018


Item/Project Cost Objective Outcomes
Additional psychotherapist intervention and support £250 per day- additional 2 days weekly To improve the engagement of pupils in the curriculum by enabling them to develop strategies to self-manage, All outcomes will be defined throughout the academic year.
 Additional off-site curriculum provision to Lambourne End Farm £80 per session To develop personalised programmes which increase rates of engagement through a structured off site environment.  
Targeted 1:1 support for individual pupil on the SIP programme £12000 per annum To enable engage in their education. To make progress and to be able to reflect on their challenges and develop skills and strategies to self-manage.  
Additional extended vocational provision at Motorvations £60 per pupil per session To increase engagement and to provide additional positive learning opportunities  
 Top up interventions from West Ham Football in the Community and Mentoring programme £160 per session twice weekly To provide structured sessions over 2 lunchtime sessions.

To support numeracy and literacy interventions.

To offer after school clubs 2 pms.

Wizard literacy and music project £575- per session To develop pupil confidence and engagement in literacy that will transfer into lessons. To improve creativity and expression.  
Anger management sessions £275- individual sessions Individual Interventions to provide pupils with strategies to manage their own anger issues  




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