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Tuesday 27th August 2020

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Tuesday 27th August 2020


The Secretary of State for Education and the Prime Minister have announced that schools have been instructed to close from Monday 23 March 2020. However, they have asked that schools do all they can to continue to operate for pupils with Education, Health and Care Plans.

We therefore intend to continue to stay open in line with our term dates and will remain open whilst we can safely staff the school. We will update you on a daily basis if there is a change. In order to enable school to remain open we will we operating from the school site – the motorvations site will remain closed during this time.

I know that some of you will not want to send your child to school. They may have siblings at home. Local authority transport may not be able to run because of staff shortages. You may not want your child socialising in school at the moment. We absolutely understand these concerns. Though we encourage you to send your children to school, we will understand your decision not to, and will obviously not penalise any child or family for low attendance.

 For those pupils not attending – teachers and therapists will provide the best possible remote teaching, therapy and support they can. Teachers / Teaching Assistants will contact you regularly, will provide a range of learning activities in line with the planned curriculum in as many subjects as possible via email – or by post if you do not use email – and therapists will provide therapy (as best they can!) over the phone. 

This is a worrying time for everybody. We will do our best to provide all the support we possibly can. We will be available online and over the phone from now on and throughout any potential closure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the school if you need to.