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Hopewell is an independent special school for children and young people who have an EHCP for social, emotional, mental health and learning needs.

We provide child centred specialist education and therapeutic support across our two sites the school based in Dagenham and our vocational centre motorvations@hopewell in Romford.

We believe passionately in supporting and nurturing our pupils as well as aspiring to provide them with outstanding and creative learning opportunities.

By empowering our pupils, building their self-confidence and enabling them to develop their individual strengths we endeavour to provide them with the skills they need to lead constructive and fulfilling adult lives.

Parent's Views

"The school are absolutely fantastic with understanding my son's needs. We couldn't be happier!"

"The school adapted the learning to suit my son's needs to help him engage and this helped."

"Keep doing what you are doing! The school did amazing with my son . He is a happy person."

"I am very impressed and satisfied with the support the school has given to my son."

"I think the School has been brilliant from the day he first started"


    Hopewell is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

    We expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

    Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs)​

    Designated Safeguarding Lead

    Susan Douglas (Head Teacher)


    0208 5936610

    Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

    Rohan Cummings (Deputy Head Teacher)


    Inclusion and Safeguarding Lead

    Joana Spio


    ICT and Online Safeguarding

    Monique Swart


    "Through the curriculum, pupils learn about risk and how to keep safe in different situations"
    Ofsted 2019

    Our Curriculum

    "The curriculum makes a very strong contribution to promoting pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development."

    Ofsted 2019

    "The curriculum enables pupils to achieve qualifications that allow them to progress successfully to the next stage of their lives"

    Ofsted 2019

      Personal Development and Achievement Programme

      The aim of the PDA Programme is to provide our pupils with the opportunity to develop key character skills and attributes-  RESPECT, COMMUNICATION,COLLABORATION, PERSERVERENCE,PROBLEM SOLVING, RESILIENCE, ADAPTABILITY, TEAM WORKING.

      By taking part in our programme of activities we aim to:

      develop their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience, including an understanding of how to improve their own learning and performance, so that they are well prepared for the next stage of their lives

      understand that the decisions they make are important factors of their own success and well-being and positive outcomes.

      develop spiritual, moral and cultural understanding and an appreciation of non-material aspects of life, whether religious, philosophical or other

      distinguish right from wrong, understand and respect systems of rules and laws, and accept responsibility for their own behaviour, including towards others

      are socially aware and so are able to work effectively with others, including to solve problems and achieve common goals

      fulfil responsibilities and contribute positively to the lives of others within the school, the local community and wider society

      respect and value diversity within society, show respect for and appreciation of their own and other cultures, and demonstrate sensitivity and tolerance to those from different backgrounds and traditions

      know how to stay safe and understand how to be physically and mentally healthy, particularly in terms of diet, exercise and a balanced lifestyle

      Enjoy themselves!!!

      "These experiences make a strong contribution to pupil's personal development, including their physical and mental health."
      Ofsted 2019


      Our therapeutic offer is available for all pupils and their families and runs alongside our curriculum timetable.  Pupils can access individual therapy, as well as taking part in our group sessions which are used to support pupils with the development of positive and social interactions with each other.

      Currently our therapy offer includes:

      Child psychotherapy

      Music Therapy

      Drama Therapy

      Therapeutic Play

      Anger Management

      Positive Relationships/ Social Interaction

      Creative Arts Therapeutic Intervention

      Parent/Carer Therapy

      Access to Educational Psychology

      Individual and Group Mentoring

      Individual Self Reflection Meetings at KS2 and 3 through the 50-50 LAB intervention

      Our therapy is delivered by a qualified child psychotherapist, drama therapist and music therapist as well as therapy assistants who lead on the Therapeutic play and Creative Arts.
      Mentoring sessions are facilitated by Potential Mentoring.
      All of our therapists have external, confidential supervision in which they discuss and monitor their practice.

      Our Latest Inspection

      "Pupils learn to behave well and grow in confidence as they experience social and academic success."

      "Teachers, support staff and therapists work well to address pupils' individual social and emotional needs and barriers to learning."

      "As pupils progress through the school, they develop trusting relationships with adults who they know care for them. They make great strides in improving their behaviour."

      "Leaders check very closely on the safety, behaviour , attendance and achievements of pupils"


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        22nd April – Stephen Lawrence Day- Live Assembly
        May 2022 – Share a Story Month
        9th May – Mental Health Awareness week
        13th May – Pyjamarama- Wear your pyjamas to school day
        15th May – Tourettes Awareness month
        18th May – English GCSE paper 1- AM
        20th May – Maths Paper 1 – AM
        20th May – Alzheimers Bake – Garden Party at the school site 12pm.
        27th May – British Values Assembly – Queen’s 70th Jubilee Celebration.
        30th May – 3rd June – Half Term Holiday
        7th June – Maths Paper 2 – AM
        9th June – Physics 1 – AM
        10th June – English 2 – AM
        13th June – Maths AM
        15th June – Biology – AM
        26th June – International Women’s Engineering Day Assembly
        4th July – Assessment week
        8th July – UK Poverty awareness – Clothing Donation
        8th July – World Ocean day assembly
        8th July – New pupil induction afternoon
        11th – 12th July – School closed -Inset days
        15th July – National Clean air day Assembly
        22nd July – End of Term Celebration 11.30am @school site
        22nd July – Reports sent home

        Contact Us


        0208 593 6610

        Head Teacher: 

        Susan Douglas


        Chair of Governors:

        Matt Miller MBE



         Mr Herman Allen



        Baden Powell Close
        RM9 6XN


        13 Maldon Road
        RM7 0JB

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