HopeWell School


Hopewell School is celebrating very strong overall GCSE performance. After a lot of hard work by students and staff especially in the past few months after lock-down ended. We are really pleased with the grades achieved and we can be confident therefore that these results are a fair reflection of the work that the students put in over the 2 years of their courses, and more.

The students have managed to achieve an average of 7 qualifications at Level 1 or Level 2

Level 4+ in English : 57%
Level 4+ in Maths: 33%
Level 3+ in Maths: 33%
Level 4+ in Sciences: 75%
Grade breakdowns (across all subjects)
1 to 9: 99.9%
4 to 9: 64%

Congratulations to all our students and staff for all the very hard work that went into achieving these amazing results.