HopeWell School


Hopewell is proud to celebrate an amazing set of results that show the ambition and hard work of pupils and staff. 

 Our students have achieved on average 7 level 1 / level 2 qualifications with 4 pupils achieving 9 or 10 accredited qualifications. 

 The school is thrilled that these outcomes have been achieved. 

Core subjects 


English 80% achieved a grade 1-3 

Mathematics 80% achieved a grade 1-3 

Science 72% achieved 2 grade 1-4 

Functional skills 

English 100% (10 pupils) achieved level 1(8 pupils) and level 2 (2 pupils). 

Mathematics 100% (10 pupils) achieved Levels 1 (9 pupils) and 2 (1 pupil) 

Foundations subjects 

Computing 80% achieved a level 1/level 2 qualification. 

Citizenship (PSD/PSE) 60% achieved a level 1 qualification. 

Options:   Art / Construction / Creative Media 

75% of pupils achieved at the highest-possible level in their option. 

 Creative media – 100% pupil at KS4 achieved a level 1/level 2 qualification with 3 pupils achieving the highest level of gold equivalent to a level 3 qualification. 



Congratulations to all our students and staff for all the very hard work that went into achieving these amazing results.