HopeWell School


Creating positive
and meaningful

Aim: Through our vocational curriculum, Hopewell pupils will be supported to develop skills and attributes that enable them to finish school and transition successfully to either attend college, apprenticeships or the world of work

Aim: Hopewell pupils will be empowered to become effective learners engaged with their own personal education programme. They will develop skills to recognise their own role in their educational development and successful outcome.

Aim: Hopewell pupils will take part in an increasing range of on and offsite experiences that challenge our pupils expectations of themselves, to encourage them to take part in new experiences and to develop a greater understanding of themselves and their capabilities and to start believing that "anything is possible"

Providing challenges,
and opportunities.

Supporting and developing positive mental
health and increasing self-awareness,
understanding and self-regulation.

Aim: Through our therapeutic interventions, support and approach Hopewell pupils will overtime become able to self-regulate through an increased level of self-awareness and understanding. They will be able to identify and manage their emotions positively. They will be able to develop the emotional self regulation and skills that enable them to become independent learners.

Authentic Inclusive Approach
Responding to the needs of every individual pupil and celebrating their diversity and difference.

Aim: Developing every Hopewell pupil to their full potential is at the centre of our curriculum and one of our core beliefs and values. To do this we focus on the "whole" child and their individual needs. Hopewell pupils will develop an understanding of authentic inclusion where they know that everyone is valued and can contribute in their individual way.

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Click here to see individual subject's drivers and statements