Hopewell School is a very special school in every way

Our core aim for every pupil is

Restoring Hope, Releasing Potential, Rebuilding Lives

Hopewell School is situated in Dagenham and provides education for pupils aged 7 to 19 years, who have a range of complex needs including social, emotional and behavioural problems with or without mental health issues. Hopewell School supports pupils who have EHC Plans

Children and young people come to Hopewell School for a number of reasons. Some of which are associated with young people struggling with the challenges of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, opposition defiance disorder and conduct disorder.

The school also has a separate teaching base for pupils who are on the autistic spectrum. This provision is led by a specialist tutor and support staff. The base offers an individualised thematic approach to learning.

At Hopewell we believe passionately in supporting and nurturing our pupils as well as aspiring to provide them with outstanding and creative learning opportunities.

By empowering our pupils, building their self-confidence and enabling them to develop their individual strengths we endeavour to provide them with the skills they need to lead constructive and fulfilling adult lives.

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Hopewell School pupils will be taking part in the MacMillan Coffee Morning event again this year. Pupils will be baking and decorating cakes for the event and one of our teachers is taking part in the BRAVE to SHAVE challenge.

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Restoring Hope, Releasing Potential, Rebuilding Lives


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Tel: 0208 593 6610

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